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The Sequencer is the flagship application in the MSSIAH suite. Truly a one-of-it's-kind on the C64 platform and fully in line with modern music applications. With the MSSIAH Sequencer you can create music like using Logic/Cubase on the PC/MAC.

Sequences and notes are added, moved, copied or deleted with just a click on the mouse or by playing on the MIDI or C64 keyboard.

Edit up to 32 of your own classic SID instruments or choose from 68 readily available presets for quick access to THE classic computer game sounds from the 80s.

Designed with the musician in mind, focus is on your creativity. Forget the roadblocks of earlier C64 music applications like filter settings, timing values, hexadecimal numbers not to mention memory management!

MSSIAH Sequencer is fully mouse controlled and supports Joystick, 1351 mouse (recommended), Amiga mouse and Atari mouse. Additional mouse wheel functionality provided by PC to C64 mouse adapters is also supported.

If you don't wish to use the internal sequencer to play the SID circuit, switch the Sequencer to full MIDI mode.
Sequencer offers 6 tracks in multi-timbral mode and up to six voices as a polyphonic synth. Optionally you can combine the two modes using the internal SID for multi-timbral operation and the second SID for polyphonic playing.

The poly modes can treat wave-table sounds like arpeggios so that chords on the MIDI keyboard play back as classic broken wave-table chords.
You can alter all of the instruments sound parameters via control change messages. Also supported are pitch wheel, program changes and note velocity messages.

With all these features you can rely on the MSSIAH Sequencer as either a versatile C64 MIDI module or a fun internal music app to create your own SID music.