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Designed for the SID 8580 R5, the MSSIAH Bassline is a scaled down version of the Mono Synthesizer with a TB-303 approach.

Accents are applied so that the C64 makes "wows" and "wopps". Depending on current envelope, accent and resonance settings the accent effect differs, just like on the real thing.
The result is a sound that is more acid than ever heard before on a Commodore computer!

If you don't have a TB-303 or just want to add something different to your setup, the MSSIAH Bassline will become a great tool helping you to turn the dance floor upside down.
Now for the sake of clarity let's point out that a full TB-emulation is not possible with a SID circuit (or any other synthesizer) due to the 303's unique internal filter structure and how different circuits interact to modulate it. With this in mind, look at the MSSIAH Bassline like the C64-acid flavor of the MSSIAH family where a classic concept is applied to the SID circuit in the fullest way possible.

The SID sound circuit (8580 recommended) does its best to copy the 303's behavior and though it sounds like a weird crossing between a 303 and a SID, sometimes it does come really close to the real thing.

Operating in full MIDI mode, you can play notes, slides and accents via MIDI as well as alter sound parameters via control change messages.
You can also let the Bassline play the pattern sequencer to your MIDI clock and enter control change data at the same time.
The pattern sequencer even accepts note and time input from control change messages so that you can program sequences via MIDI too.