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MSSIAH Drummer is a drum machine application with a 909-style user interface/sequencer. However, that's where the similarities with the 909 stops..
Drummer brings back the computer game drums from the 80s. Forget sampling and regular drum synthesis..

MSSIAH Drummer uses a classic technique known as wave tables to create genuine retro C64 drums.
By rapidly changing frequencies and waveforms the timbres of a drum are put together and shapes the unique sound that really does not sound like anything else.
On top of that you can use the SID filter to further shape the drum sounds or put a sweeping LFO effect on it.

The application has a total of eight instruments where bassdrum and snaredrum each have eight selectable sounds so that you can build the kit of your choice.
All 'knobs' have assigned keys and are turned with either joystick or potentiometer to shape the instruments.
No mystery knowledge of C64 wave tables is needed to master the MSSIAH Drummer. Just start it up and adjust the sounds to how you want them with some good old knob-tweaking. You can play the drums on the C64's keyboard or switch the application to full MIDI mode where a MIDI keymap triggers each instrument respectively. Also, Drummer responds to MIDI velocity and control change messages are available for each and every parameter.

If you run the Drummer application on a standard C64, you have three voices of drum polyphony. Add an additional SID audio circuit (SID2SID) and Drummer extends its polyphony to six voices fully assignable to each drum sound ("Voice map").
Adding SID drum flavor to your drum track has never been easier, more creative and more fun than with the MSSIAH Drummer. Now watch out for that magic cowbell!