These are the manuals for the Prophet64 Cartridge.

Start by reading the booklet Getting Started with the Prophet64. It contains instructions of the correct procedure of starting up the cartridge without damaging it or your computer!

Prophet64 - Getting Started With The Prophet64 Prophet64 - Getting Started With The Prophet64 -Read this first!
PDF file 574Kb
Mar 5, 2007
Prophet64 - Sequencer Prophet64 - Sequencer
PDF file 1165Kb
Mar 5, 2007
Prophet64 - Mono Synthesizer Prophet64 - Mono Synthesizer
PDF file 662Kb
Mar 5, 2007
Prophet64 - Bassline Prophet64 - Bassline
PDF file 567Kb
May 15, 2007
Prophet64 - Drummer Prophet64 - Drummer
PDF file 572Kb
Mar 5, 2007
Prophet64 - Free Trial Versions Prophet64 - Free Trial Versions
Zip file 1209Kb

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