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If you wish to add a second audio chip to your Commodore 64 the SID2SID circuit board offers a neat installation.
The SID2SID is a 1,6x2,4 inch manufactured circuit board with pads and holes ready for you to assemble.
All you need is components and a soldering iron.

A second SID (C64 audio circuit) gives you 6 voice polyphony/6 tracks when using the MSSIAH Sequencer and Drummer applications.
With the MSSIAH Wave-Player you can assign an extra output for your samples to the second SID. MSSIAH Mono Synthesizer and Bassline echoes all audio to the second SID for stereo output.

Assembling the circuit board is really simple. The instruction pdf shows the whole process with pictures and explanations.
It does however require basic skills in soldering.

The SID2SID is designed to fit into all Commodore 64 motherboards including the Commodore 128.